“God is everywhere, but it seems we see and hear Him best in nature.”

With God’s blessing and your help, we are developing a retreat environment where pastors and their families can find peace, relaxation and spiritual renewal at no cost to them or their church. Over the years we have heard many pastors say “I would like to get away and be refreshed but I just cannot afford it.” That is why First Matrix Ministries is designing a retreat home that is available for free to pastors in need. Whether they need someone to pray with, someone to cry with, or just to be left alone to soak in the presence of God, we are building a place for you.

This retreat will be built on a 20 acre farm in sunny Elberta, Alabama. Elberta is a quiet farming community located a short drive from the beautiful white sand beaches of the Gulf of Mexico.

Every one of us know at least one pastor who has reached their breaking point. If every pastor or Picture12church who know someone who has suffered while in ministry would make a one- time donation or hold a one-time fundraiser, we can offer pastors in need a FREE safe place to come and find spiritual and emotional healing.

You will NEVER be placed on a mailing list or contacted for additional gifts !